The Academy Brass Quintet was founded in 1989 and has served Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Rhode Island. The regal elegance of brass music combined with the seasoned flexibility of experienced professional musicians is the hallmark of the Academy Brass Quintet.

Music is a fundamental part of any religious service, ceremony or social event and brass music is the perfect musical choice for all special occasions. From the noble and dignified arrangements of music by Purcell, Handel and Bach for the wedding ceremony to the upbeat sounds of Scott Joplin, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington during the cocktail hour, the Academy Brass Quintet will help you to choose musical selections that best suit your personal needs. 

The Academy Brass Quintet is ideal for wedding ceremonies, commencements, dedications and other occasions of grandeur and pomp. We also have an extensive "pops" repertoire that enables us to do parties and cocktail hours. Quite often, the Academy Brass Quintet is asked to play a wedding ceremony and cocktail party which directly follows the service. Our quintet is extremely versatile and easy to work with. The group is portable by nature and requires little more than some chairs and some people to play for. The Academy Brass Quintet is very flexible dynamically and can fill the largest cathedrals with glorious sound, or accompany an unamplified solo vocalist in a small chapel with sensitivity and musicality, or perform outdoors where flutes and violins can not be heard and organs do not tread.

Before you settle for less, consider the lively, euphonious sounds of the Academy Brass Quintet.

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